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To join this community, just drop either amie_reckless or joux2 a note telling us how you came by or heard about this community, thank you!

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Thanks for the new community.;)

Thanks halolulu! Join the community so you can post and view the private/locked posts.

Blake is lucky to have you two as fans!

Thanks for being so dedicated to our favorite girl!

It is nice to have a Blake "hideout" I can't tell you how I've hungered for like minded since GG began. It wasn't/isn't a pleasant experience for Blake/Serena fans

Re: Blake is lucky to have you two as fans!

Aww thanks Wendy! Yup, more and more Blake for us :)

Thanks for setting this up, Amie! It's beautiful -- a community worthy of Blake. :D

Thanks J! Still a work in progress but I'm happy it's looking good- and you like it- so far.

Hello,My name is Isabella ,friend of Lulu :)
So happy in a Lively fans' paradise !

Very happy to have you Isabella :) Yeah we all want nothing but the best for our girl!

Hi Isabella, welcome to our little hideout :)

Hello girls!! I'm Valentina (from Bellazon!!!) :P
Thank you so much for the new community :DD


I was wondering where you were!

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