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Blake Lively Fan and Interest Community


We are a smart and funny gaggle of girls and guys who, despite our diverse backgrounds, are united in our admiration of the smart, beautiful, talented, driven and incredibly hard-working actress. The selective process to join this community ensures that it will be a safe space for Blake Lively fans amidst the widespread antipathy and hate on the internet. More importantly, it ensures that exclusive news- especially sightings- about Blake doesn't get out or fall into the wrong hands of stalkers and/or gossip bloggers that may not necessarily have her best interests at heart.

It is important to note that even if you are not a moderator, you are free to post any news, sightings, and photos of Blake Lively or rant and rave or even ask the girls here for advice here, we will lend a listening ear.  

Instant news about Blake will be posted to this Twitter account, @BLively_News, which is linked with this community so you should follow them if you're not already doing so ;) 

-Amie & JouJou

Some general guidelines:

  1. We know how annoying it can be when people steal our stuff without crediting, so please try as much as possible to list the source of any news or photos that you post here.
  2. No hotlinking, there's nothing more annoying than going through old posts and seeing that an image has been removed because of hotlinking. Use imagehosts whenever possible. Popular ones include: Imagevenue, Imagebam, Imageupper, Postimage, and Imageshack.us.
  3. -Please be kind and courteous to every member. Racist, sexist, and hateful language and attacks are cause for banning. So are personal attacks on other members. No dissing other members, let our common love for Blake unite us all :)
  4. Despite the open nature of this community, please don't take take advantage of that by making a post trying to sell stuff to other members. In other words, no commerce. Some of us can/will help with homework and that's as far as it goes. (For grey areas, contact the mods first).
  5. This isn't a rule per se, more like a suggestion, but please try and make your posts formatted/attractive. There's nothing like an unformatted post to make the entire front page ugly and turn off new users. The mods might have to help from time to time but make their jobs easier by doing that. This is enough cause to delete posts.
  6. Check the tags list and let the mods know when you make a new tag so we don't have replicate tags.
  7. Most importantly, I already did this in the community settings, but just in case of a glitch (still working on some glitches) please make all your posts private, that is, available to members only. The option to lock a post is right beside the 'publish' button so it's not too hard to do. Remember the whole point of this community is privacy, and failure to do that kinda defeats the whole purpose.

Most importantly, just have fun! And remember these guidelines are just there to make the experience easier for everyone :)

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